The end of year throw-out begins!

The volunteeers begin distribution



It’s that time of year again, where we look at all of the junk and mess in our houses and room and often wonder what an earth we are going to do with it all.

SUSU, along with the University of Southampton; is running a volunteer led project to make sure that for all of you with tonnes of “stuff” in your house have a place to give it safely and for a good cause.

I attend local resident groups and this time of the year can always be a real pain for the community when many of us, including non student residents, leave unwanted items out on the street. Sometimes landlords also do not deal with the problems and it is often our local permanent neighbours that end up suffering due to the mess that’s left behind.

This year we want to do everything we can to make sure that we as students don’t leave a mess behind when moving out of our homes and onto other accommodation. Today a group of volunteers went around all of the surrounding areas of our University to deliver a leaflet and a recycle bag for people to use when moving out.

All of the details of what streets we covered, when we will be picking up are available on our Facebook group here.

You can also still get involved in the project and help us out by coming along on our collection days; it’s a great way to make a real difference in the community! Just contact for more information on how to get involved or on the project itself.

So please keep a look out for us on the relevant dates, it will make clearing out your house far easier and we can pick up all of your bagged items right on your front doorstep!


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