Aunty Su

Dear Aunty Su

I worked so hard at my exams but my results were nowhere near what I’m capable of. I’ve been going through some really serious family problems but I’m worried that if I say anything the Uni will think I’m making excuses. What do you think I should do?

Stressed Out

Dear Stressed Out

So sorry to hear about your family problems at such an important time in your Uni life. Firstly my dear, I have a question for you. If you tell the Uni what’s the worst that can happen?  The Uni have 2 systems in place to encourage you to tell them about any problems. ‘Special Considerations’ is so you can tell the Uni at the time you are having problems and ‘Appeals’ are if you had a really good reason why you couldn’t tell them at the time.

Look into your heart and ask yourself whether you believe you would have done better if things were going ok at home. If you know deep down you were affected then tell the University – or they’ll never know!

You need ‘grounds’ to make an appeal and you can find much more out about this in our booklet

If you’re still not sure then please do pop along to the Students’ Union Advice & Information Centre (SUAIC) for an appointment with an adviser. We’ll listen, ask lots of questions, won’t make any judgements and help you decide what you want to do next. Best of all its completely confidential so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Take advantage of our free advice and support or you’ll always be left wondering what if…….?

Lots of Love

Aunty SU

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