Housing Deposits

Dear Aunty SU
My house contract is ending on 1st July. I’m really worried that the landlord will keep my deposit unfairly. How can I stop him?
A concerned tenant
Dear Concerned Tenant
Good question and so glad you’ve asked me before you’ve moved out! First things first – is your deposit protected? I’m hoping the answer is yes but if you have no idea what I’m talking about or you’re not too sure then visit the DirectGov website now.
Whether your deposit is protected or not you need to do the same things at the end. These are
1. Clean like your life depends on it – make Aunty SU proud!
2. Take photos of your sparkling house (and wonder why you didn’t keep it clean before)
3. Write your own inventory – a list of what’s in the house and where and what condition it is in.
4. Check all your bills are paid and take meter readings just before you leave.
The landlord is required to provide evidence of any damages he feels you have made and receipts for work carried out.
Any problems, pop in to see an adviser at SUAIC and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.
Now get those rubber gloves on!
Lots of love
Aunty SU

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Government information on tenancy deposit protection.

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