In the beginning and a fond farewell

A farewell to the old team, an hello to the new

Its 10pm, and in 2 hours I become the next President of SUSU, a Students’ Union that has provided me so much for so long, and its fairly fitting to reflect on the year gone, and think to the excitement of the year ahead.

Over the past 5 years I’ve seen, and at times been involved in, a large number of Sabbatical teams, and I can say with confidence we’ve been fortunate as a Union to have one of the best teams the Union has ever had over the past year.

Their time in office was far more challenging that anyone could have predicted, but they were able to face those challenges head on. Not only were they successful, but through the good times, and the bad, they remained a strong united team, which after the intense year which is that of a sabbatical is no small achievement.

Handover week has been a steep learning curve. Even after all my time working for students and the Union rather than showing me how much I knew about the role, the week taught me how much I have yet to learn. Every day over the coming year the whole team will learn more, and become better Sabbaticals.

We’ve been left with a huge hole to fill, taking on roles from Sabbaticals highly respected by the University and their piers alike. I can say with confidence that if we achieve a fraction of what had been achieved by the current team we will have done our students proud.

So what’s in store for the coming year? Its hard to say, but I can promise it will be a year to remember, and that your new team will work tirelessly to ensure that we live up to the promises that we’ve made to our students. No student group will be forgotten, and no voice will be ignored.

I am the luckiest Union President in the country this year, as I have the best team ensure that we become the best Union in the UK, as we all know it is!

Here’s to an exciting year, whatever it brings.

Sam Ling
SUSU President 11/12


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