Unforeseen Charges from Landlords? What a Load of Rubbish!

Following the industrial action currently taking in place in Southampton, there has been a large build up of household rubbish.  Towards the end of last month most of the student population moved house generating a large amount of excess waste.

Some landlords have been charging students for the excess rubbish left outside their houses and I believe this is an unfair consequence of the industrial action.

The advice from the Council is to dispose of your rubbish at local refuge sites, however, as students are actively encouraged not to bring cars into the city this is difficult.

What action am I taking?

I am currently speaking to local MPs and Councillors to highlight this issue and to seek their support in taking the issue to the Council in order to find a resolution.

Once I have gained their support I intend to lobby the Council to put pressure on any landlords who are charging for the extra rubbish.

I will post another blog to let you know the outcome. I’m trying to find out how many students have been affected by this issue.  If you or anyone else has been affected by this please comment on this post or email at:



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