Old Socs? New Socs? Blue Socs….

As some of you may know, over the summer the way SUSU supports and affiliates with its societies is changing massively.

Currently there are around 200 Societies at the University of Southampton that operate with little support or guidance from their Students’ Union. Previously SUSU has not known that much about societies and therefore hasn’t been able to give them the full support that they need and deserve.

The new system operates a tiered process whereby societies all apply to become either Level 1 or Level 2 society each varied based upon based on the Societies activities and their merit and value to the membership of SUSU. Having a tiered system of societies will allow us to better consider both your needs and your aspirations and consequently, we will know how to better support you.

Level 1  Societies will get basic capital equipment, access to union facilities (such as the meeting rooms, activities room, clubs and socs, multipurpose studio etc…), an email address + web hosting, and a space at the bun fight.  

Level 2 Societies get further access to special funding that has been set aside for development of societies, access to marketing department resources and poster design, sponsorship support and photocopying.

In order to become a Level 2 Society more effort will be required from the society, however this is far outweighed by benefits from the increased funding and specified support.

The deadline for completion of the Level 1 packs is 29/07/2011 and any societies who haven’t completed forms by this date will deem to have disaffiliated. Societies will be able to apply to be Level 2 societies at the beginning and end of each academic year, providing them with one year to achieve the following requirements and ensure that they are sustainable.

If you have any further questions please email me at: .

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