Sabbatical Plan 2011/12 – Stage 1

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Sabbaticals start their year with a whole range of promises, hopes, and goals for what they would like to achieve in their year. Over time more and more tasks are added to that list until it gets to a point where it’s hard to remember what we were put here to do in the first place.


To stop this from happening, and to provide a clear vision as to what we will achieve for you in our year of office we have been working on the creation of a Sabbatical plan, which will provide a strong direction to how the Union can develop over the coming year, and work for you, to provide the best possible experience for students.


Step One


The first stage of this was to identify three team goals for the year. We decided that we should take three of the vision statements from the Union Mission, Vision and Values which we would spend this year focusing on to make a big step forwards in delivering on those goals.


The Mission, Vision and Values of the Union

The Mission, Vision and Values of the Union


The statements chosen were:


“To be at the heart of University life, fully engaged with all our key audiences and supporting our members”


“To be the informed and legitimate voice of our members”


“To be adaptable, proactive, and relevant to the entire student body”


The Next Step


The next step in this process will be to take those goals and produce a plan of action on how we will work as a team to deliver on these points. These will go towards the new Sabbatical team plan, which will include both our team, and personal goals for the year.


The aim is to then take this to the first Union Council of the year, and to publicise it online through our blogs and social media presence, in order to give students a clear picture of what their Sabbatical team will be doing for them over the coming year.


I’ll keep you updated with the development of this plan over the coming month, and please free to comment with your thoughts on what we could do to help deliver on the three vision statements above.

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