YourJCR and their ‘brand’ new look!

Over the past few weeks I have been working away with the JCR committees in order to plan freshers’ within halls. The JCRs are an elected group of ex-residents who are in place within halls and private rented accommodation in Southampton. Their main responsibility is to run a variety of social events to make everybody’s first year at the University of Southampton amazing, they also work with SUSU to provide information to these student groups and provide a direct link for first year students to their Students’ Union.

In the past JCR committees were supported by the University and was a system that was flawed. It supported a lucky few and left the vast majority without the support and social events program they deserved. In 2008/09 the Students’ Union (SUSU) took over JCRs and since then they have come on leaps and bounds, revitalising the halls experience.

As I’m sure you are aware SUSU has undergone a massive rebrand over the last 12 months, to find out more check out Joe and Charlottes Blogs. With the JCRs now being out of place with logos that didn’t really work the next logical step was to create a ‘Brand’ for the JCRs as a whole whilst keeping an individually identity for each hall.

Working with the University we assigned each hall a colour (displayed right) which whilst being used on t-shirts, posters etc like we would usually do, the University have also agreed to start incorporating it into future colour schemes. This is a massive start on a project that looks to build strong communities within each halls complex and strengthen the areas that are already thriving.

This year Your JCRs are going to kickstart this community feeling with the liveliest freshers fortnight we have seen to date! They are producing the most diverse set of events that I’ve seen across my time at uni and there really is something for everyone!  Check out Your Freshers’ timetable here. If you’re a first year to find out a bit more about YourJCR in particular check out their facebook pages here.


A Montage of the New JCR Logos, #SeriouslyOnBrand


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