Check out the new Piccolo Room!

Last Thursday saw the new Create-Your-Campus open for public use on the 5th floor of the Hartley Library in the A section – called the Piccolo Room. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it – check out the video below, and go see it yourself!

The University understands that students use a variety of learning spaces alongside the traditional settings. As a result, the University funds the annual competition to allow students to be at the forefront of creating the modern and innovative learning environment that you, as students, require and want.

Students not only design the room in its entirety – but also are heavily involved in ensuring the room is completed to their standards. The winning team, fgConcept, also received a cash prize of £1500.

This is the second year the competition has been run, with the first room – the Tesseract Room – being created last summer in the Murray Building. Both rooms are incredibly impressive in how they look and feel – but last year’s room was criticised in some quarters for reducing the number of computers that were originally in the room, eventhough iSolutions data showed the computers were not greatly used.

There were similar fears with the new Piccolo Room: that there would be a reduction in study space, which are at a premium in the Library – especially in revision times. However, there are actually more desks in the room, which are moveable, as well as plug sockets for people to plug in their laptops.

The desk spaces are bookable, and there are two large touchscreens for people to utilise. What is more, there is also a seperate room which has a Haptic table – a £60k touchscreen table, funded by the University Alumni, that will have up to 32 points of contact and the latest software for people to really analyse data and design projects. The University are looking for students to tell them what software they would like to see designed for the table, so if you have any ideas, email me at

Overall, the room is a brilliant space for people to work, in particular for those who will be able to make full use of the Haptic table, and it’s great to see students having 100% control on how the learning spaces in the University are developed.

The competition will be running again this year, so if you’re interested in designing an entry for this year, as well as more information about last year’s competition, check out the University website for more information.

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