Need advice about your employability? Careers drop-in sessions tomorrow!

As you progress through University, there is always one ultimate looming question:

“What will I do after University?”

To help you answer that question, Careers Destinations – the University’s careers advisers, are going to be inside the SUSU building on Highfield campus between 11am and 2pm on the first Tuesday of every month, starting tomorrow (4th October).

They’ll be giving any student the opportunity to discuss their plans, what they need to do to achieve their goals, and to also highlight the support that is available from the University.

For some, you will already know exactly where you want to work, what company, where – and you may have already tried to get experience and been successful.

However, for a large proportion of people, you might not be so sure – you might have no idea at all, or you might know the sector you want to work in, but not be sure of what companies are out there, or how to find out more information.

The key thing is that you shouldn’t worry if that’s you – we’ve all been there – but there are services available to support you and to help you discover your dream job. Now is a prime time to make the most of what is available, so that when you do leave University, you’re fully prepared for the world of work.

Careers Destinations have a huge amount of resources regarding different sectors, as well as a list of places to sign up to for job alerts – but that’s not all – they can support you throughout the whole job application process.

Each week, they host a series of events, including sessions on the Graduate Passport, CV writing, job applications, interview skills, skills development, careers fairs – the list goes on!

Their main office is located in Building 37 opposite the reception, and I really advise that you check out what they can do for you – because it really can help! So remember to check them out tomorrow – and see you there!

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