Running for a Union Council Position – The very short guide.

Thinking of getting involved in Union Council but not sure if it’s for you? Well here’s a quick guide.

What is Union Council?

Union Council is where the  important decisions of SUSU, your students’ union are made and its actions can affect every student. Its main job is to make policy which SUSU must put into place and scrutinise the work of elected officers. It is a group made up of 75 students, the 7 sabbatical officers, 32 Student Leaders and 38 ordinary Union Councillors.

When does it take place?

Union Council is held 8 times a year (usually monthly) on a Monday evening 5-7pm in the Cube on Highfield Campus.

How do I get Involved?

Any student can come to Union Council and speak but to vote you need a position. To take up a position on Union Council you must first be elected. We are currently in the process of electing 30 ordinary Union Councillors and 14 Student Leader Positions.

Firstly you must nominate yourself online at , voting then takes place next Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th.  When nominating yourself it asks for a manifesto, I suggest simply outlining why you would be good for the job.

Nominations close Thursday 6th October midday, so get your nominations in quick.

Want more info? Read my more detailed blog post here or check out



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