RAG Fest raises over £1000

Last week, RAG kicked off Freshers’ week with a huge festival of frenzied fundraising; RAG Fest. The day was filled with atmosphere created through the huge tunes of Surge, the deep smell of a roaring BBQ and the hard work of the clubs and societies that made the day happen. It was a day everyone could enjoy, even those running it! It was complete with all kinds of shenanigans to boost charity funds, provide information about the charities we support and let everyone know how to getting involved in a bit of raising and giving. All kinds of things were happening throughout the day, including stand-up, a committee member head-butting an egg, some unforgettable JCR fundraisers, hand massages, pole dancing, a bucket of magic, face painting, a bouncy castle… the list goes on and on. RAG Fest really gave everyone a taste of the fundraising bug that everyone is going to catch this year.

Our inter-committee competition, Dash for Cash, had some real highlights this year. Check it out at SUSUtv here:

Now, I can proudly announce the total, and the specific amount each club, society and JCR raised.


Connaught – £95.92
Private Rented – £74.72
Glen Eyre – £37.19
Monte – £30.53
Highfield – £14.50
Chambers – £12.06

Clubs and Societies:

Lawsoc – £81.57
Magicsoc – £52.47
SUSUtv – £47.49
Envriomental Science – £30.19
Theatre Group – £20.42
Fencing – £17.15
Skydive – £16.53
Picnicsoc – £15.80
Comedy – £12.39
Erasmus – £11.44
Ladies Football – £10.67
Investment Finance – £6.50
Riding Club – £2.44
Pole Dancing – £2.10

Grand Total:


A huge well done to Connaught halls, who raised a staggering amount in such a small space of time, and were not the just highest JCR, but also the highest raisers at RAG Fest this year! Also congratulations to Lawsoc, who were the society who raised the most throughout the day. I would like to thank everyone who was involved for putting so much hard work and effort in the event, you all did brilliantly and I hope to work with you in the future.

But it does not end here! For the all clubs and societies watch out for Your RAG Challenge, where all the funds you raised during RAG Fest will count towards you grand total for the year.

Also watch out for the Fresher raid on the 15th of October which is a great way to really stuck into some charity work. It’s followed by a great social, so you really don’t want to miss it. Find out more by joining Your RAG Team:!/groups/163742653709472/

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