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My name is Chloe Green and I am SUSU’s Equality and Diversity Officer of 2011/12. I was voted for by you guys in last year’s elections and since then I have been working within SUSU to ensure that equality and diversity within the union is upheld and thriving. Behind the scenes, I sit on about 700 committees (actual number around 12), to guarantee that decisions that are being made are maintaining our strict standards for equality and that decisions will reflect a diverse range of students and not just those in the meeting. I aim to tackle equality on these basic levels as such decisions often go unheard of to the mass student public and yet may have a detrimental effect on the equality of our students. Enter, Chloe Green.

The visible aspect of my job is all the campaigns you see on campus, which I co-ordinate in partnership with the lovely Ms. Frankie Fry, our VP Welfare and Communities. Together we have already had a successful Mental Health Awareness Day (making lots of stress balls all day was certainly better fun than my degree) and we are currently in the middle of Black History Month. See the event for more details and please come along!

We have lots more in the pipeline too – Diwali is coming up on October 26th, Anti-Bullying Week, Interfaith Week, Disability Awareness Day …

If you would like to get in touch about anything to do with equality and diversity, please do! Perhaps a suggestion, a (constructive) criticism, if you’ve enjoyed an event, if you fancy a chat – don’t hesitate! I’m on And I definitely don’t bite. Well, unless you’re racist.

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