Student Safety: A Few Top Tips

Following recent safety alerts in the Southampton area, I would like to take the time to give you a few top tips on keeping safe in Southampton!

1. Take the safe route home

Take the Safety Bus home from The Union, it runs from 8PM every night and will take you home to your door for just £1.50, saves you walking home in the dark by yourself.

Try to avoid walking home alone at night time and avoid using your mobile phone and/or ipod.  Make sure you take the well-lit main road route home rather than dark, quiet short cuts.

We are also looking into implementing a taxi scheme whereby if you have lost your money, you can still get home safely in a taxi (more details will be revealed later).

2. Keep your valuables safe

Unfortunately students homes can often be targets for burglaries.

Make sure your valuables such as  laptops, ipods, printers and phones are kept out of sight and reach of windows and keep your windows and doors locked when there’s no one in your house.

Also, when purchasing items from shops or food outlets with a card, remember to take your card out of the machine – it may sound silly, but we’ve had 20 left in machines over the past few days!

If you have a car in Southampton, make sure you don’t leave your valuables on display.  Even seeing the sucker mark from a sat nav could tempt thiefs to break in to look for your sat nav so make sure you wipe this mark off your windscreen.

3. Be aware of fraudulent emails

Occassionally you may receive fraudulent emails asking for your bank details or passwords.  Make sure you don’t respond to these as they are not real emails.  Banks will never ask for your password or details by email and neither will the University.  Also look out for recent fraudulent emails from people pretending to be Student Finance England.

4. Report anything suspicious

To the Police on 101 (if a non-emergency) if off campus or phone 999 in an emergency

You can contact University Security if you’re worried about something on campus on: 023 8059 2811

If you are the subject of a safety or security incident there are a number of support services available at the University including the First Support Team who are a crisis service.  You can find details of these services here:

The Advice Centre can also provide free and confidential advice on any issues and can be contacted on: 023 8059 2085 or

5. Keep your house fire safe.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have produced the following fun video to remind you to test your smoke and fire alarms!


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