Vice President Winchester & Sites: Electing A Replacement

Last Monday Simon Protheroe, Vice President Winchester & Sites resigned from his post with immediate effect. You can read more about his decision in his blog post here.

Myself, Sam (SUSU president) and the rest of the sabbatical team are putting in lots of extra hours to ensure that at least some of the work at Winchester and Sites is continuing and over the next few weeks each of us will be making trips up to the Union in Winchester to meet students and help with any concerns they have.

Looking forward, as part of my role as Vice President Communications I am ultimately in charge of SUSU’s democratic processes and organising a By-election for the vacant post for occupancy until July 2012.

The simplest option is to hold a straight by-election for the full time post. Those eligible to stand would be all full-time and part-time students of the University of Southampton. This would mean a student would have to suspend their degree for a year in order to take up the role. Although this is possible talks between myself and Sam come to the conclusion that it would not be ideal for any student.

So we have also started to explore other ways of filling the position and one option would be to spilt the role into two part time positions. Vice President-Winchester and Vice President-Sites,each would be required to work around 15 hours meaning the students could possibly continue with their degree.

We talked to a number of Winchester students on Monday about this possibility and received a number of positive responses but I would really like to get a snapshot of more wider feeling. What do you think would deliver the best representation to Winchester and Sites for the rest of this year and indeed would you be interested in running either full time or part time?

Nothing is set in stone and I am welcome to any suggestions which are constitutional. A few students for example have asked whether previous candidates for the position could run again, however this is not possible as they are no longer students and hence not full members of SUSU.

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2 Comments on "Vice President Winchester & Sites: Electing A Replacement"

  1. Joe
    Aaron Bali
    12/10/2011 at 10:32 am Permalink

    I like the idea of splitting the position. But will it not cause a problem with the two posts having to liaise with each other and having to work on similar/overlapping projects with a tight time restriction?

  2. Joe
    David Gilani
    13/10/2011 at 3:04 pm Permalink

    Although the job could be split into two… I think Winchester would be better represented with a full time officer to run them. Sabbaticals end up putting in so much out of work hours to fully represent and make something of their area, that it doesn’t make sense to expect even half of this from someone studying at the same time… not if they want to make the most of their degree.

    I don’t know much about the role and what it expects, but I think it would be worse for students to try and do both at the same time… rather than to get a year to make something special of this position AND then finish their degree properly.

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