Curriculum Innovation – Broaden Your Horizons!

Ever wanted to explore things outside of your area of study? Or perhaps wanted to contextualise global issues from your course’s perspective? Or even learn a language?

Well, tomorrow you will have the opportunity to see the future of education here at Southampton – at the Curriculum Innovation Fair in the Hartley Suite behind the Stag’s Head from 10am till 4pm.

There, the fair will advertising the 23 unique modules and 9 language modules available for students¬† to take in Semester 2 of this year. All the module teachers will be there for you to ask any questions you have about content, assessment and the benefits of doing the modules – and at the very least – you should definitely have a look round to see what’s available.

Southampton is one of the world-leaders in developing this notion of curriculum innovation, and giving students a full range of options to fully develop their student experience – it’s one of the many reasons you should be proud to study here at Southampton, and why you should really be positive about your future prospects because of your time here.

The modules on display are like no other you will have encountered before, being highly innovative in how they are assessed – such as video projects, or a heavy focus on group work and discussion – and either covering material that you might not have thought you would get the chance to learn about when doing your degrees, or having a direct influence on your employability.

Employers are increasingly showing through their graduate recruitment techniques, that they are looking for a wide range of skills from graduates, which go far beyond their discipline or subject-specific skills and knowledge. That means getting a well-rounded education and developing and all-encompassing skill set.

The Eurobarometer (2010) gives a clear indication of what employers are after:

  • The ability to work well in a team (98%)
  • The ability to adapt to new situations (97%)
  • Communication skills (96%)
  • Work Experience (87%)
  • Knowledge of foreign languages (67%)

Your Students’ Union is the perfect place to develop soft skills to do with communication, working in a team, organisation, leadership, and so much more – but the Curriculum Innovation modules allow you to develop these skills in a much more work-based environment, whilst also working on your critical thinking, as well as helping you to articulate the skills you have developed. So by choosing to do one of these modules – you will be really making yourself stand out to employers.

The modules are currently being trialled, meaning that only some subjects and years will be able to participate this year; to find if you can, click here. Don’t worry if not though – the University is working on widening access to the modules considerably for 2012, with even more modules being designed that incorporate Law, Politics, Engineering – all sorts.

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