Spit or Swallow?

Last weekend Joe Mclo and I had the pleasure to be invited to attend and speak at the National Marrow AGM, held this year in Southampton. This was a certainly a weekend that left me wanting to spit, not swallow.

Marrow is the student branch of Anthony Nolan, they are the UK’s most successful stem cell register. Essentially they have two aims in order to help fight the battle against blood cancer.

1. Sign People up to the Stem Cell Register. If you want to find out how to in Southampton check out the Southampton’s society group here.

2. To raise money! They do this for two reasons, to fund number 1 and to help research into improved and more effective treatments of transplant.

Across the weekend there were loads of sessions hosted by all of the individual Marrow student groups from across the country, with a few guest speakers thrown into the mix! Joe and I being one of those did a short talk on how to get the most out of your students’ union as a student group and some top tips on communicating to the student market.

At the AGM a few awards were given out including; UCL Marrow for best newcomer, Leeds Marrow for highest number of sign ups and Southampton Marrow for highest amount of money raised at over a staggering 22k!

National and Southampton Marrow Committee's

Also the National Marrow Committee were elected and I am pleased to announce that out of 39 marrow groups across the country Southampton have been elected to the national committee for the second year running. Leeds Marrow has also been selected to host next year’s AGM.

Signing up to the register is easy, it only takes a spit and if at some point in the future you’re a match it gives you the rare an opportunity to save a life.

Check out the video below to find out a bit more why you should sign up to the register. It also dispels a lot of the myths about how the transplant works…none of that sawing into your bones malarkey!

In Summary: Join Southampton Marrow, ‘Give a Spit’ for once, and help save lives!

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