Union Council 1 – The Decisions Made

On Monday the first Union Council of the year was held at the Cube in the Union building.

There were 4 policies up for debate and 2 decisions that were asked to be made.

Support for the 9th November National Demo On Tuition Fees

Union Policy passed at last years AGM states:
“Any nationally organised demonstration against a rise in tuition fees must be attended by our members, subject to Union Council’s consent”

There had been some calls by students for SUSU to support this protest and hence abiding by Policy, President Sam Ling asked permission of Union Council to support this demonstration.

Union Council voted overwhelmingly to support the demonstration.

Sam is now leading on the planning of transportation for the day.


Approval of the Unions Financial Schedule for 2011/2012

Constitutionally each year Union Council is required to approve the financial schedule. This is essentially the rules that govern how the unions money and financial resources are spent. It is in place to ensure that money is not misspent and is standard practise in many organisations and charities. Any amount greater then that covered by the schedule must be approved by Union Council.

Union Council approved the financial schedule.

Motion 1: Union Council Review

This motion proposed changing the working of Union Council as per the Union Council review which took place between the sabbaticals and student leaders throughout the summer and start of term. This would see council split into an informal discussion stage of any students ideas, a checking stage where officers would be questioned on their work and a formal policy proposal stage where Union Policy would be agreed by council.

The motion was proposed by myself and Sam Ling, Union President.

Motion 1 was passed by Union Council.

Motion 2: Splitting of VP Winchester & Sites

Following on from the resignation of Simon as Vice President Winchester & Sites, Sam proposed the splitting of the role into two part time officer roles for the upcoming by-election. This would see the role Vice President Winchester and Vice President Sites created, each on half the normal sabbatical wage.

Motion 2 was passed and will be in place in time for the upcoming by-election in November.

Motion 3: Halls Fees

Alice North (union councillor) proposed that SUSU should:

“…liaise with University Accommodation Services to provide a monthly payment scheme for
any student that would wish to pay in this manner”

There was general support for the motion but some feeling that more work was needed before it becomes official union policy.  A procedural motion was called to refer the motion to welfare committee.
Motion 3 was refered to Welfare Committee

Motion 4: Honorary Vice-President – Dr Janice Rippon

Sam Ling proposed that SUSU should award Dr Janice Rippon the title of Honorary Vice-President of the Students’ Union for her work at the University improving support for students.

Motion 4 was passed unanimously


The next, new look Union Council will be held on Monday 21st November in the Cube, all welcome.

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2 Comments on "Union Council 1 – The Decisions Made"

  1. Joe
    25/10/2011 at 11:29 pm Permalink

    Really wasn’t a fan of the first two motions, but it was kind of my fault I called procedural motion (d) on number 1, as more debate may have swayed the vote… oh well, we’ll see how this new system will work in Council, I guess.

  2. Joe
    Shane Murphy
    26/10/2011 at 9:57 pm Permalink

    Andre, you need to speak up for what you believe in!

    If you dislike a motion,speak against it! You can make change happen as a councillor! 🙂

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