SUSU Will March…Again…

On November 9th at 12 mid day SUSU will march…again.

It’s almost a year now since the government decided to increase the cap on tuition fees to £9000 and in a couple of weeks’ time students will once again be returning to the streets of London to demonstrate against the rise in the cost of higher education.

As part of a policy passed at the last SUSU AGM the Union was given the following mandate:

 “Any nationally organised demonstration against a rise in tuition fees must be attended by our members, subject to Union Council’s consent”

At the most recent Union Council meeting I received consent to support our students in attending this demonstration.

On November 9th SUSU will be sending a coach to London to allow you to take part in this demonstration.

If you would like to come along tickets for the journey are only £13 (around half the cost of a return train journey to London) which you can buy from the box-office either at the SUSU reception desk or online.

For more information on the demonstration itself visit the official FB group:

For more info about the SUSU coach visit the SUSU FB group:

To buy a ticket for your place on the coach visit the SUSU box-office:


Any questions please feel free to comment below,

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