Healthy Living Tips: Week 13 – Are you eating the right amount of Salt?

So I can imagine you have all been told that too much salt is bad for you. One of the major guidelines that have been followed for the past few years is that you should not exceed a daily intake of more than 6 grams of salt a day which equates to roughly one teaspoonful.

However earlier this year it was announced in several newspapers that salt may actually be good for you. In an article published by the Mail Online on May 5th 2011 it states ‘A study claims that cutting down on salt can actually increase the risk of dying from a heart attack or a stroke.’ The study from which the article quoted its findings from followed 3,681 healthy European men and women aged 60 or younger, for about eight years.

Since the publication of this article, a response was produced which disputes the idea that lower salt intake may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The response suggests that many other studies still suggest that a high salt intake is quite bad for you. The response article also states ‘Professor Shah Ebrahim, one of the study researchers, says: “Our results should not be used as evidence that salt reduction is a waste of time or does no good – a conclusion several newspapers made wrongly.

“Our results suggest that giving advice to reduce salt intake is not as effective as we might hope”’.

With these findings its seems that the conclusive answer is still yet to be found and more research needs to go into this area. For now it would probably be best to monitor your salt intake and not to deviate from current guidelines too much.

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