New Employment Law Clinic Set Up!

Following the success of the Housing Clinic that students at the academic unit for Law set up, students have now set up a new Employment Law Clinic.

What is the Employment Law Clinic?

The Employment Law Clinic is a voluntary group run by third year students studying employment law at the University of Southampton, with the support of a local specialist barrister.  The Employment Law Clinic was set up after the success of the Housing Clinic. The clinics were established to encourage law students to volunteer and gain practical legal work experience, with the support of the University and practitioners.

Who the Employment Law Clinic advises?

The Employment Law Clinic offers FREE LEGAL ADVICE to students of the University of Southampton with employment law issues.  This can include discrimination, harassment, contractual issues, dismissal, and status issues. The Employment Clinic offers free consultation appointments with our specialist barrister at the Law School, situated on Highfield campus. Clinic staff makes a note of the consultation which is emailed to the client, after the appointment for their reference.

Further information and Contact details

If you have a question, concern or query about employment you can get in contact with the Employment Law Clinic and they’ll try their best to help you out!

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