Body Gossip – a fantastic campaign!

Over the weekend I attended a Student Run Self Help (SRSH) conference which is a support group for eating disorders (we have a group in Southampton!)

It was a fantastic conference with loads of volunteers from SRSH from all over the country.

One of the pieces of information that we were given was about Body Gossip.  Body Gossip is a very powerful campaign about body image.  Body Gossip offers everybody an opportunity to speak about their bodies.  It has been set up for people to have their stories heard.  You subit a story to Body Gossip and then some are made into performances, films and even some are going to be put into a book!

This is one of the film’s that has been created:

Body Gossip: This one is for you

Body Gossip also goes ‘on tour’ to universities across the country and collect your stories that are then put into a performance.  This is somethign we’d love to do at Southampton, so let us know your thoughts by commenting on this blog!

SRSH meets fortnightly on a Tuesday from 7-9PM to offer peer to peer support.  They meet in Meeting Room 1 on Level 1 of the SUSU Building (Bldg 42).  Their next session is on the 15th November.

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  1. Beckie
    10/11/2011 at 6:59 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the mention of BodyGossip here! Good luck with the groups! For more BG updates feel free to visit our blog- x

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