Union Council: Have your Say! What do you feel SUSU should be doing on your behalf?

Aside from the important role of ensuring students have a good time whilst they are at Uni, SUSU also exists to bring about change on behalf of all students; we have policy on a whole array of issues SUSU lobbies on and have a successful track record, you can see all the policies that your union currently has here.

Earlier this year, Union Council passed a policy mandating the Sabbatical Officer team to evaluate Union Council to improve the debating process and make Union Council more engaging for its Councillors (Councillors are elected volunteer students who speak on your behalf). On 24th October, Union Council subsequently passed a motion to change the way Union Council works.

From now on the first hour of Union Council will be devoted to informal discussions on any issue a student would like to raise with the second hour devoted to formal debate where policy will be passed and elected officers can be questioned by all students.

The next meeting of Union Council is on Monday 21st November at 3 pm in The Cube.

If you feel passionate about something you feel that should change and would like the chance to discuss this with those elected officers who can make that change happen, submit your idea via the Union council website by Monday 14th November at 3pm.  Any student can submit an idea however big or small; you just need a short sentence describing your issue.

If you don’t currently feel you need to raise an issue, future Union Council meetings will be taking place at least twice a term – keep an eye on for further dates and deadlines and see what has happened to past ideas or find out more information about how your union is run.



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