Want to make a difference? Join RAG Committee!

RAG is having a committee By-Election for THREE positions on the 16th of November at 1pm in Meeting Room 2. Being part of RAG Committee is a great way to improve your employablity, meet loads of people and have an amazing time while doing your bit for charity. Every position is supported by Student Activities staff and the rest of RAG committee so you can be sure you won’t be alone in your position.

We’ve got THREE positions up for grabs, and running for them couldn’t be simpler. Just turn up on the day [if you can’t make it send a representative in your place and email us on] and prepare a short speech [no longer than 1 min] explaining why you think you’ll do the best job. The committee then vote and the winning candidates get the position! Simple.

These are our THREE Offical committee positions:

1) Events Coordinator
The events coordinator is a vital part of RAG committee. Responsible for the creation, organisation and running on all internal RAG events with the assistance for Your RAG Team and other committee members. This role requires creativity, organisation and team skills. This includes organising the Christmas event, RAG week and any other events throughout the course of the year.

2) Clubs Liaison
The RAG Clubs Liaison is the main source of communication between us and the Athletic Union. This position involves encouraging AU clubs to partake in charitable activites on an individual basis and the AU as whole. This may include liaising with the AU to organise events such as sport relief. A key part of this role is monitoring ‘Your RAG Challenge’ which is where we keep a total of each club’s fundraising amounts. It is a key element of this role that you are involved in the AU in some respect!

3) Societies Liaison
The RAG Societies Liaison is the main source of communication between us and all of the Societies within the Union. This position involves answering any queries socs may have about fundraising and encouraging them to partake in charitable activities. You would work closely with the RAG Clubs Liaison to monitor ‘Your RAG Challenge’ and be responsible for update socs on how much they have raised each term. Is it important that you have been or are involved in some form of Society for any amount of time.

If you’re unsure about running for committee why not become a RAG Team leader? For more information, follow this link! –

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