Back to the Future

On my last blog I was talking about the future, and specifically about the future of Performing Arts within SUSU. Check out below to find out about a bit more about what I was chatting about, about….

Over Last weekend we held an ‘Open Space Technology Conference’ on Level 4 of The Union (Trust me it’s better than it sounds!). Where essentially we posed the question to a large group of students involved in’the arts’ How do we make Perfoming Arts the next big thing?

The  conference then used an unconventional method to allow multiple ideas and issues to all be discussed by a variety of people all at once and the discussions that came from the ideas were as follows:

  • Support From SUSU
  • Performance Space
  • Practice Space
  • Storage Space
  • Develop & Showcase Talent
  • Funding
  • Storage Space
  • Tours – Edinburgh
  • Recognition
  • Technical Equipment /Technical Revamp (Annex)
  • Websites
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Nuffield Theatre – Space/Relations
  • Promotion
  • Dance Competitions
  • Getting Fresher’s Involved
  • Networking/ Performance Exchange with other Unis (Southampton Performing Arts Fesitval

From this confrence the Performing Arts committe have now got a direction from our members as to how we can expand and improve. Each discussion produced its own written report in a variety of formats as well as quick verbal presentation during the feedback session (check below for videos).

The next steps from this are to colate the information recorded on the day and produce a report, Performing Arts committee will then take this report and work with the rest of SUSU to start in motion making Perfoming Arts The #NextBigThing



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