Wonderful Welfare.. Want to get involved?

At the last Welfare Committee we had a great discussion about how Welfare Committee should run and how we can make Welfare great at Southampton.

From this we’ve created a number of positions that we need filled!

So if you’re interested in running campaigns on a number of Welfare issues and fancy having your say in how we tackle major issues, come along to the next Welfare Committee on Thursday 24th November at 1PM in The Board Room (Level 2 of the SUSU Building, Building 42) and get yourself elected into one of the following roles!

The following positions are up for grabs:

Housing Officer

Sexual Health Officer

Student Safety Officer

Substances (alcohol and drugs)

Financial Health Officer

Mental Health Officer

LGBT Officer

Disabilities Officer

2x Welfare Officer (to support VP Welfare with any issues not related to the current officers that may arise)

Drop me an email if you’re interested in any of these positions and I’ll give you a bit more info!

Look forward to seeing many of you next Thursday!

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