Union Council 21st Nov – The Decisions Taken

On Monday 21st November the second Union Council of the year (and the first adopting the new system) was held in the cube.

Council is where the highest decisions of the Union are made by elected students, and was split into three sections for the first time, an informal ideas discussion, a policy debate and questioning of officers.

There were 4 ideas up for debate with one of those ideas put forward to become Union Policy.

The Southampton Welcome

Sam (Union President) led the discussion asking the question: “What did you like about your University Induction and what would you change if you could?” in conjunction with Tessa Harrison (University Registrar) as the University is currently reviewing the induction of students. Councillors were invited to share their experiences of the build-up to and their first month at University.

Sabbaticals as Union Employees

Jonny (Vice President Sports Development) led a discussion on the question:

 “Is it appropriate for Sabbaticals to become members of SUSU Staff? Is there a recommended period of time that should pass before Sabbaticals can apply for jobs in SUSU? Should this extend to trustees of the organisation?”

It was general felt by the councillors debating this proposal that it would not be inappropriate for a sabbatical to become a member of SUSU staff so long as the normal application and interviewing procedures were followed. It was decided that the idea in question would not be taken any further. 

Increasing efficiency of SUSU Club Nights

Sam also led a discussion prompted by David Gilani (Surge Station Manager) as to how the Union runs its club nights and proposed some changes which can be found here.

After some discussion it was decided that Sam would write a report on how our club nights are run, which would be included in his next report to Union Council on 12th December.


SUSU and the UCU (University and College Union) Strike Action

Sam (Union President) and Sasha (Vice President Academic Affairs) brought an idea to discuss at council surrounding the unions policy on support for UCU strike action. The idea (found here) was discussed and then moved forward to a formal debate to decide the unions position.

The policy mandates:

  1. For the President to work with the VP Academic Affairs on ensuring that SUSU campaigns against the cuts being proposed to Higher Education in the White Paper.
  2. For Education Committee to be responsible for taking a lead on informing students about future industrial action, and if mandated to do so, advertising SUSU’s support of any action.

An amendment was submitted by George Disney to add “That SUSU should support UCU on the strike action taking place on the 30th November“. Upon a vote this amendment was defeated.

After debate the main policy was then debated and voted upon. This motion was passed by council.

It can be found in the Unions Policy document (along with all other union policy)  here:

 Next meeting

The next meeting of Union Council will be held on the 12th December. Any student can submit an idea for discussion around what position the union should take on any position or how the union can be made better.  Students need to submit their idea by  Monday 5th December to

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