VP Winchester Goals for the year.

Just three weeks ago I started my position of VP Winchester, SUSU’s first ever part time sabbatical position. It has been a busy few weeks finding my feet, but I now feel more that qualified to help bring SUSU to Winchester. Below are my goals for the rest of the year. I am already working on them and will keep you updated. But do read them and feel free to ask me questions or leave comments;


Increased Student Engagement

I will work towards encouraging students to participate in union activities and increase engagement with the students union across campus.

– Increased promotion of SUSU services and union activities.

– Using the committee in Winchester to gain the views of students as well as feed back to them and will include appointment of officers within the executive committee to engage with the student population.

– Appointing a JCR in erasmus park, ensuring they are trained.

This will ensure that students are fully aware of the services that The Union provides and that there are representatives of SUSU within the student body at Winchester.

Supporting Students

Supporting the needs of students by making students more aware of support available, from SUSU, such as the Student help centre, safety bus and making sure that the support provided is appropriate.

– Increased advertising of SUSU and WSA specific services.

– Student services representatives available in the Students Union.

– Survey of students to find out which needs are being met and where there are gaps in support.

This will make us aware of the support that students feel is available to them and whether it is at an appropriate level. It will also increase awareness of student services, which will mean that students know what is available to them and how to use it.

Increasing the use of the union building

Supporting students in using the union building and creating a space which is vibrant and welcoming.

– Improving the look of the Union building including bringing art to the Union.

– Completion of Mezzanine area to become a suitable meeting area and ‘chill out room’.

– A range of successful events run by students taking place in the union.

This will ensure that The Union building in Winchester is being used to it’s maximum potential and that the atmosphere is welcoming, making the building a place which students are keen to use.




Lastly, I wish you all a great Christmas and I will see you in the New Year!

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