Start Your own Society? These guys have…

Can you start your very own Society? The simple answer is yes of course you can! Just grab 25 of your mates who goto Uni here and apply to become a SUSU affiliated Society.

There are of course a few rules, which are quite simply:

  • No Duplication: You cant copy something that already exists or overlap on what they do!
  • Not too Narrow: Your society should aim to cover as wide a range as possible, to avoid lots of similar societies forming!
  • All are welcome:  Your society must be open to all of the members of SUSU.

Then you fill in a few forms and apply to Societies Committee by emailing, they consider society affiations at then last committee meeting of term and you can find out where/when these meetings are here. Theres loads more information on starting your very own society here.

Its pretty easy and these guys below have just all become affiliated:

Barnardos – To raise awareness of the charity and secondly to raise money.

Bulgarian – Society to get Bulgarians together and to promote Bulgarian culture to the university. They will also help new freshers from Bulgaria.

Cake Decorating – They want to learn and teach others how to decorate cakes. Members can buy cakes or bake their own. There will be membership fees to cover the cost of their equipment. F: Group

Canadian – To support the current significant population of Canadian students and to encourage new Canadian students to come to the university. To encourage the playing of their national sport – hockey. Also to support non-Candian students who are interested in their culture or wish to go to Canada on gap years.

*Civil and Environmental Engineering – To represent Civil and Environmental Engineering students. They would like to provide their students with more careers support, sports and trips.

*Pending Engeneering Society Consulatition

Fight Against Cancer – To raise money and awareness of cancer charities in the UK. Main charities will be Cancer Research, Orchid, and Against Breast Cancer. F: Group

Health and Fitness – Provide advice on health and fitness lifestyle. This would include how to do training and finding partners for training. Also promoting healthy eating. F: Group

India – To provide support for the second largest group of international students at the university – particularly to support new students transition into UK culture. Will also encourage students who aren’t Indian to join in order to learn about their culture.

Liberal Youth  – Focused on young people aged 16 – 26 years old with the aim of campaigning on various different issues. Very inclusive – members do not need to be a part of the Liberal Democrats.

Libyan – To introduce a buddy/uniting systems for Libyan students arriving at the university. It would be a social and cultural society and non-religious and non-political. It would not just for Libyan students, but they would like to connect up with other societies.

Medical Education – Society developed from a national Medical Education organisation which is focused on raising awareness of medical education due to a growing necessity in medicine to also be able to teach it to medic students. Also looking to work with other medical societies to have guest lecturers. 

Parkour and Freerunning – To provide an opportunity for those who already know Parkour to get together and also to set up coaching sessions for those entirely new to the sport.

Poetry – They aim to run workshops and trips. F: Group

Pre-sessional Society – To provide a link between international and home students and also to put on events.

Sociology and Social Policy – To bring students of this department together in a more official way. F: group

Southampton Hub – To engage with social and environmental issues. They will hold conferences and talks to raise awareness of these issues. They will also be a networking society which works with other societies and departments to also raise awareness of their issues. They also aim to raise awareness of third sector careers. F:Page

Tamil – Let other students of all nationalities know about the Tamil culture. Uniting Tamil people from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Britain Also about working with the local Tamil society in Southampton. F: Group

So if you fancy get involved in one of these societies or even starting your own society check out the info page, email me at, or comment below!

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  1. Hannah
    Johnathon Jones
    10/01/2012 at 8:12 pm Permalink

    Can’t wait for Cake Decorating society, sounds fantastic!

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