The Equality Rally is Coming…

February 15th is going to be a big night for equality at SUSU and you’d best be there.

Working closely with the Feminist Society, VP Welfare and Communities and an external political campaign group ‘Compass Youth’, Equality and Diversity at SUSU (that’s me!) brings you a night of debate and discussion, all in the name of equality. Racial, gender, class… you name it, we’ll be talking it.

Guest speakers including MP John Denham, Cllr. Adrian Vinson, the Equality Trust and more will be speaking on equality: where we are now, what we’ve achieved and how far we still have to go. There will be an opportunity to pose your questions to the speakers after the initial discussion.

This is a great chance to get excited about campaigning, learn what is happening in the country currently and get clued up on some huge issues which affect us all.

It all kicks off at 6:30pm, Wednesday 15th February. Location TBC, find out more on the Facebook event here and keep posted for more detailsĀ

Don’t miss it!

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