SUSU Elections – The Candidates!

As Deputy Returning Officer of the SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee elections 2012, I am please to announce that the following candidates have successfully nominated themselves for the following positions:


Union President

Sam Ling

Simon Boyce

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


VP Academic Affairs

Sasha Watson

Mairead McGuirk

Sophie Kamperis

Rachel Stockey

Oliver Bills

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


VP Communications

David Gilani

Chloe Richardson

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


VP Sports Development

Dean Jones

Sam Huish

Laura Gottlieb

Thomas Norton

Jocelyn Makin

Sion Roberts

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


VP Student Engagement

Natalie Ralph

Shane Murphy

Robert Leane

Lisa Falquero

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


VP Welfare and Communities

Chloe Green

Frank Sondors

Simon Eyles

Nicholas Johnson

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


Equality and Diversity Officer

Amanda(Li) Li

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


Ethical and Environmental Officer

Joshua Cox

RON ( Re Open Nominations)


Student Trustee

Peter Ward

Rupert Bailey

Helen Turner

Emma Miles

Chipo Masoso

Anh The Nguyen

Zack Young

RON ( Re Open Nominations)



Campaigning begins on Thursday 23rd at 11am

Get all the key information at


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2 Comments on "SUSU Elections – The Candidates!"

  1. Joe
    17/02/2012 at 9:44 am Permalink

    Out of curiosity, is there any constitutional limit on the number of years Sam Ling can be president?

  2. Joe
    17/02/2012 at 10:42 am Permalink

    There is in fact a legal limit.

    The 1994 Education act limits sabbaticals to two terms at one institution.

    Some Students’ Unions restrict this further to one year, but a present SUSU does not.


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