And the war continues!

That’s Right, Varsity is right around the corner, in fact it’s this Sunday 4th March. Varsity is the biggest sporting event in the AU calendar and it’s a day when our rivals, Portsmouth, send their sports clubs in their masses to Southampton and we battle it out to see, which University has the best sports teams.

Southampton has been victorious the last three years in a row lead by the fantastic AU Presidents Henry Potter, Allan “Bermuda” Steynor and Teddy Wilkes. Sunday will see the fourth Southampton VS Portsmouth varsity which looks to be the biggest and best varsity yet. Currently Southampton is 24th in BUCS and Portsmouth is 28th indicating that this year’s varsity could be closer than in previous years. Even more laughable is that Pompey have created a video, they are coming for us!

Two Varsity fixtures have been played so far with Southampton Stags American Football giving Southampton the lead with a 19-6 victory against the Portsmouth Destroyers. However on Tuesday this week Portsmouth managed to claw back a victory against Southampton in the horse riding competition. Road cycling compete tomorrow so we wish them the best of luck.

For the complete timetable and more information about Sunday click here

Make sure you show your support and get behind Southampton and our sports clubs will of course do us proud.

Lots of Sporting love


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