What’s happening at Union Council Today

The 5th Union Council of the year is taking place in the cube at 5pm today.

Council is where the sabbaticals and other officers of the union are held to account and where the big policies of the union are debated and discussed.

The papers can be found here, the main points of discussion are bellow

Policy Ideas for Discussion

  1. What facilities should the University provide to our members within its halls of residences?
  2. SUSU Eco-Campus
  3. What should replace SUSSED?
  4. HMO (House of multiple occupancy)
  5. External Student Guidelines
  6. Getting more people to the SUSU AGM

Policy for formal debate and vote

Constitution Proposals

a)    Sabbatical Officer Teams

b)   Standing Committee By-Laws

Reports from Officers and Questions

Sabbatical Reports

Questions can be submitted to the sabbaticals and other officers until 3pm, submit your questions on the form here or by emailing

Available positions

There are also a number of available positions on council, which can be elected at the meeting

a)    10 Union Councillor Vacancy:

i.    Post-graduate Taught Students (2)

ii.    Part-time Students (2)

iii.    Mature Undergraduate Students (2)

iv.    Engineering & Environment (1)

v.    Medicine Faculty (1)

vi.      Health Sciences (2)

b)  1 open Union Councillor vacancy

Lots more information about union council and how it is run can be seen from the SUSU webpage

Anyone is welcome. So that’s 5 o’clock in the cube.

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