Got specific food needs?

Are you vegan?

Do you have a gluten allergy or are you celiac?

Want to be a green shopper?

The Shop and The Cafe and now selling a whole range of gluten free, vegan and fair trade and organic products.

Make sure you look out for them in these outlets and be sure to ask staff members if you can’t see these products.

Gluten free products in the shop are marked with these arrows which are in an orange colour.

If you’re vegan and fancy some hot food, all of The Cafe’s curries are vegan and they can also make you a Portobello Burger (tomato and mushroom – it’s very yummy!)

Make sure you ask the staff if you’re unsure about anything 🙂


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2 Comments on "Got specific food needs?"

  1. Beckie
    20/03/2012 at 10:02 pm Permalink

    good work on vegan options <3 very impressed.

  2. Beckie
    21/03/2012 at 9:59 pm Permalink

    I want to shop responsibly on the fruit and veg market, but there is largely still no labelling about where the stuff comes from! Any help there?

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