Students saving lives part 2: The Real Mile High club

If one amazing story about student saving lives wasn’t enough then read on as even more our students at the University of Southampton have done shown courage and composure to help save more lives.

The swim club were on their way home from their tour and about an hour into the flight back one of the passengers had a heart attack. Staff responded quickly and found that one of the swim team members was a trained doctor so CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) was started within seconds of the heart attack. incredibly CPR lasted 27 minutes before the man became responsive and this involved members of the Swim club participating in the process. Danni Burton, Sarah Benjamin and Adam Dales all took it in turns to administer CPR and Kelvin Cheung (the doctor on swim team) lead the process. They were are all trained in CPR but it was the first time from Danni, Sarah and Adam had to use their skills in a real life situation. In the end the plane had to be diverted to where the man was handed over to the care of professionals.

Adam Dales of the swim club writes: “It was an awful thing to have to do but I am extremely proud of how the whole club reacted and dealt with the incident.”

I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the individuals involved and the actions of these students are incredibly inspiring. Once again, our students have done the University proud.

Lots of AU love

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