Alumni Sports Day 2012

The day is Saturday April 28th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter……………………………………………………….. yes this is pretty much how the Varsity blog read when I wrote that and that’s because yet again the sun failed to put in a real showing on Saturday (I’m starting to think me and the weather don’t get on) but despite many alumni descended on Southampton to battle it out with the current teams.

It was great to see many old faces on Saturday (the scary part was now recognising most of them. I feel really old now 🙁 ). The games were incredibly competitive too. Both Rugby games and Men’s lacrosse in particular stood out as the fixtures that were really physical.

Most of the fixtures were won by the alumni who showed that they clearly still have what it takes to be winners and experience prevailed in sports such as Archery, Lacrosse, Judo.

Our current ladies rugby team didn’t lose their perfect season form and went on to win the match 52-24.

It was an incredible day despite the cold weather. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the celebrations of the day continued well into the night at the Palace of Dreams, Jesters.

More photos can be seen on the University  of Southampton Alumni facebook page here

Lots of AU Love


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