Do you want to have a say in what the AU does next year? Find out how.

Many students believe that the VP Sports Development sabbatical officer is in charge of the Athletic Union. This is not true. In fact the AU officer is the student leader in charge of the AU and the sabbatical officer is there to support the AU officer. However AU committee (AUC) makes sure that all of the officers are doing their jobs and they are the overall democratic governing body of the AU so they also make crucial decisions on matters regarding the AU. The AU committee ultimately governs the AU and tells the officers what they should be doing to make the AU better and keeping track of their progress. They can challenge actions taken by officers and really make a difference to make their voices heard.

The AU committee meet roughly every 4 weeks and generally take place on Tuesday afternoons from 4pm-6pm (but this can be changed).

Would you like to be an AU committee member? Well below are a list of the positions and their job descriptions. If you see one you like then feel free to run for the position during the AU Annual General meeting (AUAGM) that will take place in the Cube between 4:30pm-6:00pm on Tuesday 8th May 2012. For more information please contact or post a comment below. Don’t be worried if the roles sound quite daunting, there’s LOADS of support from staff and officers to help you so it shouldn’t ever be too demanding. There are 13 positions to run for in total.

AUC representative 

There are 8 representatives from the following areas:

  • Extreme Water Sports
  • Indoor Sports
  • Indoor Team Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Outdoor Team Sports
  • Water Sports
  • Extreme Sports
  • Martial Arts

These reps are there to encompass the viewpoint of the AU clubs that they represent. They will be required to arrange a meeting with those clubs once every four weeks to update them on any major decisions that take place at the AU committee meeting and also collect issues that their respective sports have ready to feedback to the subsequent AUC meeting. Reps are incredibly important because in theory, between all 8 of them, the entire AU viewpoint can be represented.

Club Development Officer

The club development officer will be responsible for events and initiatives related to developing clubs and AU members. This will include being the lead person responsible for organising the Focus Sports program and helping clubs achieving objectives that may be set out in a development plan.

Varsity and Alumni day Officer

The Varsity and Alumni officer will basically be the lead person responsible for organising the Varsity event and the Alumni day event. This will include liaising with the Portsmouth Athletic Union and the University of Southampton Alumni Day department, creating timetables for the events and ensuring the events run as smoothly as possible.

Media and Promotions Officer

The media and promotions officer will lead on organising any promotional material for the AU. Most of the role will require liaising with the SUSU media departments like the radio station (SURGE), the TV station (SUSUtv) and the magazine/newspaper (Wessex scene). This officer will also be able to utilise other forms of media such as social networks and the website.

Socials Officer

The socials officer will be responsible for organising the AU night on Wednesdays and any AU celebrations events such as the Varsity after party etc. They will also be responsible for any AU committee socials and possibly help individual clubs organise their own fundraisers.

Tour and Sponsorship Officer

The responsibility of this officer will be to sort out potential sponsorship opportunities for the AU for events such as Varsity and AU ball. This could also cover an AU tour (currently most clubs go to Salou but there may be a better option).

The successful candidates will need to be free for up to 20mins on Thursday 10th May from 6pm-6:20pm to discuss their AUC role.

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