SUSU AGM – The Decisions & Chair Election

This years union AGM took place this afternoon at 1 o’clock  in the Union Cinema.

As well as receiving the unions accounts, the annual report and electing the new chair, there were three motions up for debate including one amendment.

Chair Of Council 

I am pleased to announce that James O’ Mahony is duly elected as chair of Council with 33 Votes out of a total of 59 cast.

The election will need to be ratified at the next Union Council meeting on Monday 14th May.

Motion 1 -Reforming the Role of Union Council Chair

Motion one was submitted by Rupert Bailey and looked to change the role the chair of council giving them more responsibility to publicise and promote council.

Upon being put to a vote, the motion was passed

Motion 2 – Referendum on NUS affiliation

This motion was proposed by Samuel Ling and proposed holding a referendum on affiliation to the National Union Of Students in the autumn term of the 2012-13 academic year. After a long debate and a decision not to adopt a amendment to the motion, it was passed.

Therefore SUSU will be holding a referendum on the question of NUS affiliation in the first term next year.

Motition 3 – Engagement and Involvement progress

Jonny Brooks-Bartlett proposed a motion requiring the Vice President Student Engagement to amongst other things set-up a group to look to review and research how SUSU engages with students, and how students engage with SUSU.

The motion was passed and is now adopted into union policy.


Full details of the motions, the video stream of the AGM and all things democracy can be found on the you decide website on

Although the meeting was inquorate it continued and decisions will be ratified at the next Union Council on the 14th May.



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    What time will Chair be announced and where on the website?

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    Now up,



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    i love joe.

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