Give a S*it?

Give A Spit?… You Should…

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of those people who are suffering with blood cancers by matching them to someone on the bone marrow register and giving them a fresh chance in life and in 2009/2010 they were able to save 937 lives, but for every life that they save someone else goes without a donation because they just can’t find a match.

This is why people like you are needed to sign up to the bone marrow register and have the potential to save a life. Currently 420,000 people are signed up to the register and this still isn’t enough and Anthony Nolan aim to double the number of lives that they can save each day but they cannot do this without the help from members of the public by signing up, promoting or donating to the charity.

There is a huge misconception that bone marrow donation is one of the most painful processes you can have. This is a misconception and 80% of donations are done by Peripheral Blood Stem Cell collection (PBSC), a procedure that is very similar to that of giving blood. It is a simple procedure but one that saves many lives and many people suffering with blood cancer want nothing more than someone like you donating your healthy bone marrow and curing their awful disease, but how can you get involved?

Your JCR’s have teamed up with Southampton Marrow to come together to put on an awareness week for the Anthony Nolan charity where you can come and find out a lot more about the charity, the processes involved and hopefully sign up to the register yourselves. We will be on the concourse every day from Monday 16th May – Friday 18th May chatting to people and trying to give you as much information as we can as well as taking the spit samples required to add you to the register.

As well as this we will be bringing the event to your halls of residence:
• Monday 14th May (6-8pm) – Orion’s Point – Reception
• Tuesday 15th May (6-8pm) – Archer’s Road – Gateley Hall
• Wednesday 16th May (6-8pm) – Glen Eyre – The Bar Glen Eyre
• Thursday 17th May (6-8pm) – Wessex Lane – The Bar Monte

We hope you can all join us to raise awareness for the fantastic work this charity does and to hopefully sign as many people up to the register as possible. In the meantime, watch the following YouTube video that provides a little more information about what Anthony Nolan does and who they have helped with their life saving treatment.

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3 Comments on "Give a S*it?"

  1. Hannah
    David Mendoza-Wolfson
    13/05/2012 at 9:37 pm Permalink

    Hate to sound cheesy but first with the Blood Donation service here last week and now with this, I think it’s great that SUSU are encouraging people to help save lives!

  2. Hannah
    Josh Cox
    13/05/2012 at 11:11 pm Permalink

    The nice thing about this is it is completely student led! Me and my friend have worked hard to put it together so hopefully it will all go well!

  3. Hannah
    David Mendoza-Wolfson
    14/05/2012 at 12:14 am Permalink

    Fantastic – well I’ll be sure to sign up and give a sample!

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