Graduation Ball – The Union Winchester Reception

 The Grad ball is drawing ever closer.

Winchester will have it’s own reception, with a quality all you can eat grill BBQ and glass of Pimms on arrival.


The BBQ will be run by our very own RAG with £1 of each ticket sale going to Winchester RAG totals.

The reception will start at 6pm and a coach will arrive at 7.45pm, providing free transport to the ball (and back home at the end!)

So let’s kick off the ball in style, tickets are £10 and are available now from the box office!

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2 Comments on "Graduation Ball – The Union Winchester Reception"

  1. Laura
    25/05/2012 at 11:20 pm Permalink

    So let’s get this clear….. £50 for a ticket and you want us to pay £10 each to come to the union before for an hour and 45mins? It’s not exactly free transport is it? Why can we not just come to our union for free before and pay for food and drink in that case if transport is free? Will cost much less than £10. Stupid idea. John

  2. Laura
    28/05/2012 at 8:24 pm Permalink

    Hi John,

    The food for the BBQ will be high quality food such as steak, gammon etc, not your usual BBQ food and there will also be pimms on arrival, hence the price. We wanted to make this a special occasion.
    You can still get the transport if you have bought a Grad Ball ticket, the reception is an optional extra, so that we can celebrate at The Union – Winchester with friends before a big night at the ball.


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