How has sport affected your University experience?

Any student that has been a part of any extracurricular activity on top of their degree studies often says that it has been an essential part of their University experience and sport is no different. Many students benefit from the different things that joining a sports club offers whether it be performance related benefits like coaching to social benefits like friendships. On top of that you will develop many transferable skills such as team working, time management and commitment skills amongst others.

But external to the sports clubs are the governing bodies, one of the most famous examples of those is British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS). These governing bodies help to organise the league structures for a variety of different sports. BUCS in particular are writing a strategy for 2012-2017 for which the major vision is to “improve the student experience.”

So what am I asking from you?

For those of you that have been involved in BUCS in any way like competing in a BUCS sport or contacting people in the organisation I would like you to answer 3 simple questions:

1)      What do you know about BUCS?

2)      How do you feel BUCS has improved your student experience whilst at University?

3)      What do you think BUCS can do in the future to help improve your experience?

Your comments will help feed input into the strategy to shape what BUCS do over the next 5 years. It will also allow future VP Sports Development officers to improve the relationship that we have with BUCS.

Lots of Sporting Love

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