David Gilani

And the winner is…

On Wednesday, your Union President, Sam Ling, told you how you could be lucky enough to go to the Olympics!

We’re sending one Sabb along on the day to be the “responsible person” and help show around our 9 students… but it wasn’t easy finding out who that would be…

So your VP Sports Development, Dean Jones, will be going along to the fun on Monday, but who will be the 9 students joining him? Here are the results!

So congratulations to:

  • Victoria Marriott
  • Thomas Mews
  • Duncan Jenkins
  • Tamsin Dyke
  • Branden Mittra
  • Jennifer Harrington
  • Ross* (see below)
  • Henry Hickson
  • Emma Mutty

For all those who weren’t selected, you can still celebrate the fact that Team GB are doing so well! In fact, if the Olympics is currently taking over your life then put those hours of watching it to use… The Wessex Scene are currently looking for you to share your stories of the Games.

Thanks for reading and have a great Summer!

David Gilani

Vice President Communications


*Edit: As we were unable to contact Ross, another name was randomly selected from Sam’s sack. Congratulations to Debra Lowe, our 9th winner!

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