One Down…

This is part one of a two blog blockbuster:

  1. One Down : Looking at how last years goals panned out in the world of Engagement.

  2. One to Go : An outline of initial thoughts at priority goals for Engagement next year.

 One Down

After being in post for just over a year I thought it was prudent to take some time to reflect on the goals that I presented to Union Council last October. Essentially this is a quick look at what we achived, where we are at on each goal as a union and how I see it progressing forward.


Empowering Social Secretaries

This goal all started with a dream of making a one stop shop for Social Secrtaries and Events Officers to go to; to get advice on how to run events, contact details and information on where they could hold there events as well as using our position as a 22,000 strong union to get a bank of deals for our student groups.

We are some way toward achieving this goal (unfortunately not 100% there yet but not to far off). We now have an online portal where we host a range of up to date documents helpful when running a society, this includes a guide to being a Social Sec/Events Officer.

A Classic Smurph Social

In addition to this we have compiled our first draft of a company contact list a project we are calling The

Directory, it availbile in a spreadsheet as well as an online map version. This over the next few months will develop into a resource that has pre-determined deals for SUSU affiliated student groups.

Finally we are developing areas of our website in time for october where by Student Groups will be able to add events to the SUSU calandar making our calandar the one stop shop for events within the Uni of Sothampton community.


Performing Arts: The Next Big Thing

Performing Arts within SUSU have long been an undervalued area of the Students’ Unions activities and, towards the start of last year, were a very disparate group of groups with similar aims all tied together by a committee and a discount/insurance card.

Students discussing at the Open Space Technology Conference

Across this year, the committee have made some stunning leaps to make Performing Arts the next big thing within SUSU and also the University. We started last autumn by holding a Performing Arts Open Space Technology Conference; essentially, a fancy name for a big consulatation day where anyone who was interested could come down and have there say on how to make PA ‘the next big thing’ and we got a whole host of feedback: check it out here.

This OST lead to the committee developing the start of a fantastic rep system that has started to pay dividends with groups working together in a way we have not seeen before. A classic example of this is within the Dance societies where they not only smashed it in dance competitions throughout the year but also sold out a collaborative Pure Dance Show! The year was culminated by a fantastic PA Summer Ball where members of all areas of the PA came together and really has highlighted the journey that this area has come on across the year.

There is still a way to go with Performing Arts across the next year! Over the next few weeks, Theatre Group and Showstoppers are travelling to Edingburgh as part of SUSU’s new Company ‘Gone Rogue’; this is a first step in creating a sustainable Edinburgh trip. In addition to this we will are currently developing a strategy to move the PA forward across the next three years. #WatchThisSpace

JCR Common Rooms:

Everyone who has lived in the Universities residences knows that the common room areas arent exactly top notch. Over the past year I have been working with the Residences team within Student Services to inact a plan to finally address this issue.

Last autumn, we conducted an audit of all common room space and also consulted both students living in halls and ex-residents about what they want from the halls experience. This has fed into a report that has steered the universities view on what common spaces should provide for students within halls. To date SUSU is working on a joint project with the University to develop a rolling program for common room spaces with one space to be finished in time for freshers!

Supporting the Growth of RAG:

The past year has seen a dramatic change in how SUSU approaches RAG and how we support students to build skills whilst fundraising. We have endavoured to make RAG less about a small group of people fundraising and more about the concept any time a University of Southampton Student raises money for Charity they are contributing to RAG.  With this in mind we have developed how other student groups can measure and record their achievements through fundraising, we call this Your RAG Challenge.

Over the year we have changed the structure of the committee creating Team leaders and more oppertunities for students to get involved in fundraising through RAG. We brought back RAG Week our fundraising week and allowed students to Nominate and Vote for  the three main RAG Charities online.

Tomorrow I will be hitting you up with One to Go and introducing my thoughts on where my prorities may lie next year.

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