My hat-trick

So it’s my turn to tell you about my goals for the coming year. Using a mixture of our manifestos, extra things we have learnt since writing them, the union plan and continuing work from our predecessors, each of the sabbs has decided on three goals that we will spend the majority of our time working on.

Initially I was worried that choosing just three things to focus on would lead to many of my manifesto aims to remain unachieved at the end of my term. After taking a step back as it were though I found that almost all of my manifesto points could be grouped broadly in to three key areas.

I was keen not to just post a reordered version of my manifesto though, so this blog is more a flavour of my planned work rather than an exhaustive list of everything that I intend to do.

Enabling YOU to keep active.

The emphasis is this aim is definitely on the ‘you’. Not everyone wants to play in a university first team or be stuck in a gym, so I want to enable every member of SUSU to keep active in a way that suits them.

With the New Forest just down the road why not go out for a walk?

  • Give you more opportunities to join clubs throughout the year through various methods such as an improved website, and a regular stall in a prominent place where you can ask any question about our clubs (or any other question about sport at Southampton for that matter).
  • Publish ideas of ways to keep active in the local area such as walking and cycling routes as well as promoting alternative gym spaces such as team Southampton at wide lane, and gyms in halls of residence.
  • More support for Winchester School of Art students to set up sports clubs by researching demand, putting on taster sessions and running ‘how to set up and run a student group’ drop in sessions.

Promoting, and celebrating the achievements of our clubs

So many of our clubs (as well as other student groups) perform at an incredible standard and achieve great things. We should be shouting about these!

  • Advertise big upcoming home matches to attract supporters, as well as working with SUSU media outlets to get improved sports coverage in a way that works for both parties.
  • A place to display trophies and awards won by all of our various student groups. Where awards are regularly replaced in order for it to remain a feature and not just turn into a piece of background furniture as the trophy cabinets in the Stag’s have.
  • Create regular press releases to let the wider community know about our achievements, and engage in (and create new) community projects that will raise the profile of our clubs, and increase sponsorship opportunities.

Supporting club committees

We should be providing the right support so that all club committees are able to achieve their aims no matter what state the club was in when they took up post, or how good or bad their handover was.

  • Work with the VP Student Engagement to complete the Student group affiliation project. This will enable us to determine how we best support and protect our groups in the long term.
  • Provide training sessions in specific areas throughout the year (such as budgeting, or fundraiser organising) instead of one all-encompassing training session at the start where information overload is a problem.
  • Ensure the smooth running of, and iron out any problems with our new Athletic Union Committee structure that will help us identify and address problems that clubs have and communicate better with them.


So there’s a brief outline of my plan for the year. What do you think? Should I be focusing on anything else? Please leave any feedback or suggestions in a comment, or email me at

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4 Comments on "My hat-trick"

  1. Dean
    16/08/2012 at 7:04 pm Permalink

    Great first blog! Looks like you have put a lot of thought into your goals and you have some fantastic ones.

    I’m not much of a gym goer myself so its great to see that you are going to be looking at ways of staying active that don’t involve the more traditional ways.

    Its also great to see that one of your goals is to support club committees and getting clubs to Winchester. Will you also be looking into the ‘Socials and alcohol’ part of your manifesto?

  2. Dean
    20/08/2012 at 12:10 pm Permalink

    Hi Jade, thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear that you approve of my goals.

    I will very much be looking into the socials and alcohol section from my manifesto. I will be working with Shane (your VP Student Engagement) on ‘the directory’ which (once the right filters are in place) will become the online venues guide for non-alcoholic socials.

    Before the 1st athletic union committee of the year we will also be electing a socials officer for the committee, whose main roles will include monitering complience with existing AU socials policy and creation of new policy. I also plan for this officer to be the point of contact for clubs needing assistance in organising amazing socials!

  3. Dean
    01/10/2012 at 7:36 pm Permalink

    “I want to enable every member of SUSU to keep active in a way that suits them”

    so you go ahead and disband intermural proper hockey and rugby? your “replacements” rush hockey and 7s are poor equivalents for people wanting to play a sport but cannot play for the university due to lack of space. 7s is a totally different form of rugby to 15s and obviously only half the amount of people are playing – not exactly helping the want for everyone to play sport. i can speak from hockey that between the mens and ladies clubs close to 300 people signed up at the bunfight with realistically 30-40 spaces per club to fill, leaving over 200 people wanting to play “proper” hockey and are left with a very poor alternative – with different rules and restrictions, again with team sizes halved. what the clubs supposed to tell these players if there isn’t space for them in the au teams / they’re not good enough for the teams / they want to play casually? “sorry, thanks for your interest, there’s not really anything we can do” “there’s this really poor equivalent that is played differently to actual hockey you could try”

    hardly a great start with the whole “Olympic effect” in flow..


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