Fanatical about Fringe?

30 students from two of our Performing Arts groups have just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival under the Gone Rogue Productions banner, having performed two student-written shows for two weeks at the most prestigious Performing Arts festival in the world.


Showstoppers (Our Musical Theatre Society) took up a show called Good Grief, written by final year Lucy Hughes and ex-student Stephanie Amies. The show was based on three siblings who come together at the wake of their estranged father’s funeral where wine flows and social etiquette goes to pot which was declareda little gem of a show” and containing “great British humour”.

As well as showstoppers’ original musical Theatre Group returned to the Fringe and took up an original British Gangster comedy, Ruthlessness. Set after the 1997 New Labour election victory, Ruthlessness told the tale of a sordid assortment of mobsters, corrupt politicians and bent sports organisers. Following the death of mob boss Daddy Carlyle, his son takes control of his criminal empire and sets his sights on controlling a local politician, by rigging the up and coming title bout for the featherweight championship of the world.


Festival go-ers often perform for the satisfaction, knowing that it is highly unlikely to turn a profit; with 2,695 shows from 47 countries in 279 venues a big audience is never expected. However, Theatre Group and Showstoppers went above and beyond all expectations, with an audience never below 10 for both shows.


Each show received 4* reviews (you can read them here and here) and Good Grief also recieved nominations for Best Music, Best Lyrics and Best New Musical at the National Musical Theatre Awards. On top of all this success Good Grief were approached by a University group who wanted to perform the show during their freshers’ week and publishers who were interested in the show being turned into a full length piece!

If you’re interested in auditioning for the Fringe, or joining the Perfroming Arts in general, check out the Performing Arts tent and stage at the bunfight, follow us on twitter @SUSUPerform, or check out the Performing Arts website.

The question posed now is is should all Performing Arts societies perform under the Gone Rogue Productions banner when they go on tour? This would range from the Light Opera performing at the Gilbert and Sullivan festival to music tours that happen in Europe. Should SUSU start its own Performing Arts Company?  What do you think?


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