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Freshers’ in Photos – Part 1

Welcome to all our new and returning students at SUSU! Despite the wettest Welcome Weekend in over 7 years, it’s been an incredible Freshers’ so far, and here are just a few photos of what’s been happening. Some have been taken from our lovely professional photos team… and others are just on my ol’ phone, so forgive the variety in quality, which won’t give justice to the quality of the events at which they were taken.

Our lovely SUSU team, JCRs and Freshers’ Reps were all out in force on Saturday and Sunday to get you moved in.


Whilst on campus, we had some games, music and street theatre (featuring these two lovely ladies) to get you out of your rooms and having fun! Tag yourself in the photos on Facebook.



Did you enjoy the Ministry of Sound Welcome Parties on Saturday and Sunday?









On Monday, we threw open our doors for the first ever ‘Welcome to SUSU Day’. A day dedicated to showing you all the student groups and services that you now have for free as a member of SUSU. We also ran a democracy competition to get you thinking of crazy ideas of how to make student life better.


If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, then we had 6 live bands across 2 SUSU venues, headlined by UK #1 artists, Sam and the Womp!





Tuesday at Highfield was all about getting students settled in and secure at University life with our Help and Support Day – which of course comes with a standard firetruck.





Whilst, over at Winchester, they were getting their dose of #hellosusu with the Greetings from SUSU Winchester Day, filled with local businesses and student groups (which are now of course free to join and take advantage of)!



Back at Highfield, we then had a great afternoon in the newly refurbished Bridge welcoming in our mature and Post Graduate students. Thanks to all those who attended.




Stay up to date with everything that’s going on at SUSU with our calendar and get your tickets at the box office.

Make the most of it all and have fun!

David G

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