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Your Student Radio is on FM!


Surge Radio is on 87.7 FM!!!

For the rest of this Freshers’ Fortnight, your student soundtrack, Surge Radio is on 87.7FM.

“Surge being on FM is one of the best things we do as a station during the year. It gives us something to shout about, and what better time to do it than during the Freshers’ Fortnight? Our DJs will be producing some of their highest quality content and we’re also relaunching our debating show, ‘The Key Debate’. It’s a great time to be in Surge and we’re extremely excited to be on FM!” – Surge Station Manager, Ben Morton.



As Ben mentioned, Surge will be bringing back their debate coverage through The Key Debate, launched by Sasha Watson, now VP Academic Affairs. Debate is one of the 3 main Media Collaboration Projects for the year.

The Surge team will also be giving away Freshers’ tickets, including 2 Freshers’ Ball tickets across the next week, as well as informing students of all that there is to get up to over the first few weeks of term.

Set your kitchen stereos and car radios to 87.7FM and hear Your Student Soundtrack!

Lots of Love

VP Comms – Davey G

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