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NUS Referendum Details

Next Monday sees the “start” of the NUS Referendum trail, as we will be bringing all interested students together to find out more about the process.

Next Monday also sees the opening of nominations for our Student Leader and Union Councillor by-elections. We’ll be publishing more details about those later and you can get involved with our Course Rep elections here.

The referendum on whether SUSU should be affiliated to the NUS was passed by students at the 2012 Annual General Meeting and gives all students at the University of Southampton a chance to vote – which will happen on the 6th December.

The main purpose of this referendum is to give students a chance to be informed and to lead a campaign, so with that in mind:

  1. You can receive information and updates about the referendum
  2. You can meet up with other like-minded students and share ideas. If you’re really interested, this briefing will give you a chance to lead one of the campaign teams, but can also just be a place to ask questions and find out more – you don’t need to pick a side yet!
For any more questions on the process, email democracy@susu.org, and we’ll see you there on Monday.
Lots of democracy love
David – VP Comms


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3 Comments on "NUS Referendum Details"

  1. David
    02/10/2012 at 8:19 pm Permalink

    You haven’t said when and where the meeting is.

  2. David
    03/10/2012 at 12:15 am Permalink

    Hey Simon. It’s on Monday at 1pm in the Cube – if you click on the link in the blog it should take you through to the SUSU Facebook event 🙂


  1. [...] can find out more about the referendum in David’s (our VP Communications) blog or by visiting the referendum section…

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