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Hey guys, thanks for reading… welcome to my blog on all the fun stuff that happened at Media Committee this afternoon. It was our first one of the year and we got lots of stuff decided.

Any member of SUSU (i.e. any student at the University of Southampton) is welcome to come along to ANY Standing Committee of SUSU, like Media Committee, which make decisions on all types of areas across SUSU. You can see when and where they are via the SUSU Calendar.

The next meeting of Media Committee will be on Tuesday 6th November at 3pm… but here’s what happened today.

  1. The Media Departments have set their 3 areas of new collaboration for the year! Debates, a Housing Campaign, and Coverage of Live Music Mondays. 
  2. We elected a new position for SUSU Media Collaboration – A News Coordinator. Congratulations to Harry Warwick, who I will now support to bring news within SUSU Media together
  3. We had a debate on whether Wessex Scene or The Edge should be the ones to create previews and reviews of Performing Arts content. With a vote of 5 -3, it was decided that The Edge will now create all Performing Arts content at SUSU. 

Media Love

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