How can I do what I Love?

Being able to do what you love outside of your academic studies is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of University life. Over the years you spend in Southampton you will have the opportunity to carry on a passion you’ve pursued for years or try something completely new.


Over the summer, I have been working with Dean to develop the ways that SUSU supports our Sports Clubs & Societies and we have developed 4 ways which help them make life easier for you.

Forgot to sign up for ‘Cat Soc’!

1. Registering Interest with Clubs/Societies –

Couldn’t make it to the Bunfight? In all the craziness you missed that one group you were looking for? Want to sign up for something at a different time of year?

This summer we have developed a new part of our website (that works nicely on smart phones) www.susu.org/GetInvolved. Once you are logged into SUSU.org this page allows you to look at all of the things that you can get involved during your time at the University of Southampton. Then when people have expressed all of their interests the Groups can log into the website and contact you directly, saving you from having to sign up at all the stalls.

2. Up to Date Contact Details –

You’ve finally found the group for you and you click on their website, its out of date, their facebook brings you to the 2009 freshers page, and their email just doesnt work…. Pretty annoying.

This summer we have developed a system where by the Student Groups can log in and keep their own information up to date, meaning you will always be able to see the correct links when looking at the Something for Everyone Tab.

These bored freshers just keep getting younger…

 3. Finding out What’s On – 

You’re so bored of work but all of the groups you’ve signed up for have nothing on this week… You want to go do something but you have no idea of whats going on….

SUSU Groups, Sports Clubs and Societies can now add their own events to the SUSU What’s On Calendar. You will now be able to goto the What’s on Tab on SUSU.org for all of the things going on in the University community.



4. Joining Clubs/Societies –  

You really like this club but always forget to bring cash to the sessions. You want to join this society and have money left to spend on your Student Entitlement Card.

This year, Sports Clubs & Societies were given the option to sell their membership through the SUSU Box Office, meaning that you can join their group at any time online at the box office site or in person at the SUSU Reception (8am-8pm) in Building 42. Check out what groups are available for purchase here.

So what’s next?

These are the main ways we have been working to make life easier for you when it comes to all of the opportunities to find something you love within SUSU. But, as always, SUSU will ask the question “How can we make this better?”. How should we develop further the way we support Student Groups? How can we make life easier for the individual student?

Comment below or drop an email to vpengage@susu.org.


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5 Comments on "How can I do what I Love?"

  1. Hannah
    Steph Robinson
    22/09/2013 at 5:14 pm Permalink

    Hey, I am Biosoc Treasurer, and i was wondering how the paying by entitlement will work for prospective members, and how the money gets transfered if it is possible? Just wanted to ask as im not sure (during our welcome talks) we can say that it is an option.


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